About the Artist

sean amanita aka clamo is a queer, disabled, multidisciplinary transsexual artist from texas, currently living in seattle with xyr partner and cat. Xe specializes in digital illustration, pixel art, and pencils, but dabbles in Live2D, watercolor, oils, sculpting, photography, design, and web-coding.

Tools of Trade

Digital & Pixel Art

2017 iPad Pro 10.5" Procreate,
Clip Studio

Traditional Art

Painting Oil Paint on Board
Sculpting ACTIVA La Doll Premier Clay


2012 Macbook Pro CodePen.io, Noto
2017 iPad Pro 10.5" Koder
Hosting Neocities.org


Rigging Live2D Cubism
Photos Sony MVC-FD5
Vices 420, Green Dragon Energy, Jade Silvers

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KiLLJ0Y3 is clamo's catboy alter ego!

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