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The following pages may contain artistic depictions of drugs, violence, candy gore, body horror, sexual themes, and potentially triggering content. Viewer discretion is advised.

More accessible versions of my website are under construction, but taking a bit longer than anticipated! Thank you for your patience! ♥

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With the exception of my Ko-Fi openings... Please try to contact me directly via email or Telegram. I'm trying to keep my work correspondence social media, just bcos social media is so unstable these days (and I hate every platform anyway LOL)


This website is undergoing a ton of changes and experiments, so there may be some broken pages and messed up layouts as I continue to test and adjust! Thank you for your patience!

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Redistribution of my art is OK with visible credit + link
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homepage and sidebar credits

Barbed Wire Frame - Ghost Tail
Checkered Background, Jeweled Buttons - Foollovers
Skull'n'Bones Divider - Angelo
Pearl Cross Wallpaper - Celeb Dream
Box Cutter Cursor - PixelGaro
3D Sphere Button - Queen's Free World
Skull, Boba, Unicorn, Coffee - Appledust
Butterflies, Razor - Ankoku Koubou
Cross Table Border - JewelBox
Pastel Mushroom Divider - King-Lulu-Deer
Misc GIFs and Deco - Glitter-Graphics
Misc GIFs - GifCities